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Food mixer features

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Food mixer is a full-gear transmission structure, its power transmission system with high standard design, high strength, high technical requirements, smooth, strong and durable. Can be used for mixing cream, liquid cake, filling, beat the eggs and make a pasta, and so on. There are three mechanical agitation speed and with a wire whisk, beater and spiral dough mixer. Can be used for mixing cream, cake liquid, filling materials, and make a pasta, and so on. Models both use three-phase power, have also used single-phase power machines, user selected as required. The machine design is reasonable, tidy and beautiful in appearance, small size, light weight, low noise. High efficiency, simple operation, easy to clean, hygienic, reflected by the users is good. Suitable for restaurant, hotel, bakery and food manufacturers for mixing food, kneading dough and use, is the ideal equipment for producing high quality cakes.

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