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Meat grinder used

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Cleaning: before each use a meat grinder, easy wash. In General, meat grinder in the last were promptly cleaned after use, cleaning before use, mainly dust inside and outside flush machine. Another benefit is that washing before using makes it easy to ground meat, will also end cleaning becomes easier. Installation: many people like ground meat at a time machine after installation complete, in fact, this method is not recommended. Ideal practice, after each used, clean the meat grinder should be placed in wooden cabinet in the form of spare parts, or completely dry before Assembly, should not be immediately assembled. Cleaning: prepare a clean toothbrush, tube brush and other accessories, press machine out in the opposite direction, with minced meat out of the cavity, then machines get in warm water containing detergent, use a toothbrush to clean all the parts one by one, then washed twice with tap water. In a cool place dry.

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