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Meat grinder works

- Mar 29, 2017 -

When first boot after discharge, due to gravity and the rotation of the screw feeder of the material itself, to Auger for continuous shredding. Screwy pitch behind than in front of the small, but the diameter of the screw shaft behind than in front, such material has a certain extrusion force, this force has chopped meat from the holes on the Board in the discharge. For canned luncheon meat production, the fat need thick twisted and lean meats need to fine ground, to replace the grating way to achieve thick strand and fine twisted needs. There are several different sizes of hole grating, often coarsely stranded with a diameter of 8-10 mm 3-5 mm diameter holes for, fine stranded. Thick twisted and fine ground mesh panels, of a thickness 10-12 mm common plate. Due to the large thick twisted aperture, the feed easier, so screwy speed can be faster than fine when twisted, but not exceed 400 cycles/min. 200-400 r/min. Because the holes on mesh panels with a total area must, that discharge certain, when the feed screw rotation speed is too fast, make the material close to the cutter block, causing sudden increase in load, have adverse effects on motor.

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