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Rudong jiahua food mixer

- Jun 14, 2018 -


1. Rudong jiahua food mixer series use gear drive structure design, all the power transmission system parts adopts high standard design, it's powerful and steady in operation, strong structured and durabl.This mixer is use for commercial usage.
2. Rudong jiahua food mixer has three mixing speeds, you can choose different mixing device and speed according to the material that you are making. It's equipped with steel wire egg beating device, fan-shaped mixing device, and spiral dough making device. It's used in stirring cream, liquid cake, stuffing, dough making, etc. All the parts that contact the food use stainless steel material, it's highly hygiene and ensure food safety.
3. Rudong jiahua food mixer has both single phase and three phase power supply, you could choose the one that suits you best.
4. Rudong jiahua food mixer has multiple functions, it's attractive and it has superior performance. It's easy to operate and widely used in restaurants, bakery shops, etc, it's an ideal equipment for making high quality cake products.

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