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Basic Configuration Of The Insulation Dry-mixed Mortar Production Equipment

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Force promotion of building energy saving wall insulation, mainly outside wall heat preservation in practical applications, the amount of insulation required is extremely huge. Outside wall outside insulation of way one of is used insulation mortar construction, is divided into three layer, first layer is in leveling of wall body Shang wipe a layer stick received mortar, main function is in wall body and insulation layer Zhijian up connection role; second layer is insulation layer, with poly benzene particles forming plate or squeeze plastic Board, or is with mixed has poly benzene particles, and Pearl rock, and glass of micro-beads, light material of mixed mortar; third layer is anti-crack layer, that in insulation layer outside smear anti-crack mortar, according to requirements, construction in the sometimes in anti-crack mortar in the set metal or glass fiber network grid material. Said mortar, refers both to the adhesive mortar, mortar mixed with lightweight materials and crack resistant mortar.

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