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Blower Usage Considerations

- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, high pressure blower check all the parts, and parts are in good condition, all cohesion tightness of bolts, nuts, fasteners and dowel pins equipment quality, quality of inlet and exhaust pipes and valves. 2, in order to ensure fan safety, do not allow carrying pipes, valves, plus load. 3, check the blower motor, look for quality. 4, check all pad near the base of the unit is not solid, the bolts are fastened. 5, to the written rules are trademarks of machine oil to the tank the oil level line. 6, check the motor point to the steering is not fit. 7, in the pulley (coupling) equipment belt cover (hood), to ensure that the use and safe operation. 8, turn blower all inlet and outlet valves, fan should be rolling loose, impacting and friction-free appearances, admitted under normal conditions, fan test can be initiated using.

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