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Meat Grinder Installation

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Many people like ground meat at a time machine after installation complete, in fact, this method is not recommended. Ideal practice, after each used, clean the meat grinder should be placed in wooden cabinet in the form of spare parts, or completely dry before Assembly, should not be immediately assembled. Installation starting from the Assembly, the first roller into the cavity, in order to reduce wear, oil drop by drop at the shaft, then install the cutter in the roll, note the edge facing out. Install then leak into the head, gently shake to work closely with the Chamber to meet the three, then substantial nut installed to leak outside the side note to the elasticity moderate, too loose will make minced meat from the side seams to leak out, too tight can damage the wire port. Final installation twist, note the handle facing out, gaps at the back, and then firmly screw.

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