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Meat Grinder-maintenance

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Maintenance: 1 under the normal conditions of use, meat grinder without refueling again within one year; 2, meat grinder lubrication category as butter; 3, refueling hole locations: two bolt holes at the top rear of the fuselage (facing away from the direction of ground meat part) one of the bolt holes can easily come on (be sure to add the butter, add liquid oil). Maintenance: meat grinder chassis parts under normal circumstances no maintenance is needed, which is waterproof and protect the power supply line, avoid power cord breakage and doing the cleaning. Ground meat parts of the routine maintenance: every time after use, it is necessary to ground meat such as tees, screw, blade plate removed, clear residue and then back in the original order. This was done to ensure on the one hand and the processing of food hygiene, on the other hand ensures that the meat part flexible assembling, easy maintenance and replacement, blades and orifice are wearing parts, used after a period of time may need to be replaced.

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