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Mixers, Mixing Equipment And Development Of New Technologies And New Concepts

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Mixer is widely used in all areas of people's livelihood, due to the requirement to adapt to different working conditions, and thus its variety of large quantities. Mixing machine manufacturing industry in China is huge, mixer, mixer manufacturers thousands all over the country, at present, China has become the world's mixer output and market demand is one of the largest countries. But China of mixed machine industry most for SMEs, mixed, annual output value Super billion yuan of not to 10 home, even and domestic other mechanical industry compared, regardless of in equipment Shang also is technology Shang also exists is big of gap, real has independent research development high-end mixed machine products capacity of units rarely, thus in large petrochemical, and nuclear power, and food, industry of major project in the, supporting of high precision mixer currently main also is by imports.

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