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Role Of Brush Roll In Vegetable Washing

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Brush roller consists of a metal shaft, brush wire attachment (plastic, nylon tube etc), brush wire. Processing procedures including: axle casing (moulding), pick eyes, kind of hair and flat hair. Special shaped brush roller in the case of Wu plants could not be completed by hand planting stock. Brush roller 5 applicable industries: food processing, glass, ceramics, metal processing, finishing and cleaning industry, textile machinery. When industrial production such as fruits, vegetables, with a nylon brush roller on a variety of fruits, carrots and other crops for cleaning, require filament resistance, good flexibility, but not bruised fruit and vegetables. Food machine brushes are made of PA6, PA66, 611,612, 010, roll cores using 45# or stainless steel round bar, injection molding, into heat-resistant nylon filaments, used for cleaning surface dirt and wax on the surface of fruits; the brush selection of nylon 1010 anti-bacteria, temperature and wear-resistant, filament does not bend back, no lint.

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