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Rudong Jiahua Mixer

- May 17, 2018 -

Rudong Jiahua Mixer

Rudong Jiahua production of dough mixer, mainly to double the speed of flour and water and the action of the noodle machine evenly mixed together, can also beat eggs, stuffing. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, neat and beautiful appearance, small surface area and noodle machine, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning, clean and hygienic, and good user response. This is an ideal processing machine for kneading dough and mixing food in public canteens, hotels, hotels, restaurants, military units, hotels and school departments. It consists of a mixing drum, a stirring hook, a transmission, an electric box and a rack. The transmission drives the screw stirring hook to rotate in the mixer drum, and the mixer cake and the dough machine are driven by the transmission at a constant speed. The in-cylinder flour is continuously pushed, pulled, pinched, pressed, fully stirred, and quickly mixed to evenly hydrate the dry flour, expand the gluten, and become a dough that has a certain degree of elasticity, flexibility, and uniform flow.



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