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Shredded Pork

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Original pork processing method for hand-cut with a knife, now has been used in the home, along with the development of the times, high labor cost and efficiency and slow, pure manual can not meet the market demand, so people will consider how to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency to achieve greater profits. Some factory to market of need and development out first generation pork machine, strictly told should called meat machine, it of work principle is put meat voted to machine in will cut out meat out, then again put meat again put a times only will cut out pork to, although need two times to cut out pork, but efficiency has is big of improve, save has many of artificial, let workers from heavy of labor in the free out, to ease has some enterprise of pressure, later products further upgrade, in first generation pork machine of based Shang transformation, In the original on the basis of a set of knife set and a set of knives, which can complete a cut of pork, this time of transformation on pork processing is a revolution. The uneven quality of pork on the market today, but the principle is consistent.

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