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The Importance Of Dressing On The Meat Grinder Blade Maintenance Regularly Introduced

- Mar 29, 2017 -

With the exploitation of blade materials, blade shape is constantly changing. Beginning with a solid tool, then was inserted-welding tools with carbide Rod blade further is the blade is fastened on the tool bar or clamp blade on the cutter body. Blade grinding also appears the market. Mechanical cutting edges of the blades is to have an effective overall super hard blades by method of pile installation in the tool bar or use the cutter body, if all grinding cutting edge and leave without, which is indexable inserts to use. Meat grinder blade found that especially with the popularity of CNC machine tools and indexable inserts can accurately determine the tip position, or need to wear, made a significant contribution in terms of labor-saving and improve productivity. However, simply leave no, limited resources from this consideration, there are discussed in terms of saving resources necessary. Blade sharpening is a very resource-saving performance.

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